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Four Reasons For To-Go Bro's

1st Reason

Freshman year I was hungry and wanted pizza. But it was raining, and I didn’t have any friends to get food with me. As a result, I ordered a pizza from a delivery app. An hour after I ordered that pizza, I got an angry call from my parents yelling at me for wasting $16 on a pizza when I have a meal plan that they pay over $3,000 for. I realized they were right and that there had to be another way for college students to get their on-campus food delivered.  

2nd Reason

Sophomore year COVID-19 hit, and people were quarantined on campus and not allowed to leave their dorm. Students could not even access their on-campus food and relied on the random food the University brought or had to use food delivery services like UberEATS, Door Dash or Grub Hub. If you had COVID-19 and you wanted your on-campus Chick-Fil-A, Sushi, Moe's, or Starbucks there was no way to get it delivered.

3rd Reason

During Christmas break during my sophomore year, I worked every day waiting tables but when I came back to school, I had no time to work a part time job while still maintaining my grades and social life. I came up with the idea to start delivering students on-campus food in my hall every day from 5-9pm. I would take the student's swipe card and bring it to on-campus merchants and then I charged them for a delivery fee. I made so much money I could not believe it.  People wanted their food delivered so bad that I never had a break as so many students started texting me to get their dinner. The word spread fast and people from other halls were even asking if I could deliver their food too. I did this for a week until my university told me this was not allowed, and I was not allowed to use another student's swipe card. I needed to come up with a solution that would allow students to make money on-campus anytime they wanted and figure out a safe solution that the University would approve. I became set on a mission to solve this problem not only at Furman University but at every college all across the nation.

4th Reason

The last reason To-Go Bro's started is because I never have time to eat three meals a day in college. In high school I had an eating disorder where I had to see a nutritionist for two years. When I came to college my anxiety became worse and I would never have time to eat three meals a day which resulted in weeks where I was skipping both breakfast and lunch. I realized I was not the only student with this issue and that so many students skip meals because they are too busy with school or sports, too lazy, sick, or just do not have the time. To-Go Bro's goal is to help students stop skipping meals and to start prioritizing student's health.

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At To-Go Bro's we strive to transform the traditional on-campus dining experience one doorstep at a time by providing an easy way for college students to help other students. We believe that a student's mental comes first and there should be no excuses.

College Students


To expand to every college across the nation.

College Students
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